Raising happy, healthy eaters.

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Raising happy eaters is no picknick.
That's why we developed our feeding milestones program that takes babies from first flavours to little foodies in no time.


Because learning to eat is as important as learning to walk

Did you know the first 1000 days are crucial in a child's development? Learning to eat well is a process, and we're here to guide you through it.

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Introducing: the Chipea food journey

What you get

Weekly food challenges

Celebrate your child’s development milestones with some simple yet effective weekly challenges!

  • Introduce new flavours and textures
  • Learn new eating skills

What you get

Fuss-free meal planning

Every week, new and exciting recipes are added to your personal dashboard.

  • Stimulate flavour learning
  • Tailored to your child's age, solid experience, and dietary needs

What you get

Tips and advice from experts

Everything we do at Chipea is backed by science. Every week, one of our experts share their insights on how to boost your baby’s development.

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Our philosophy

The best feeding method is your method!

When researching feeding methods, it's easy to get caught in a web of well-intentioned but very strong opinions on feeding methods and strict rules that can be overwhelming for young parents. (Mom police, anyone?) What Chipea offers is trustworthy information, inspiration, and guidance, rather than a totalitarian follow-or-fail regime. Whether you're leaning more towards baby led weaning or spoon feeding, we provide you with the knowledge necessary to experiment in a safe way and find the approach that's right for your family.

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Meet the experts

The people behind Chipea

Chipea is the product of years of combined experience and knowledge gaining. Chipea is a team of experts on a mission to help families achieve a healthy lifestyle that works for them. Chipea is also a team of very dedicated Tasting Officers who provide us with tough but honest criticism on every meal.

Meet the team
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Words from happy parents

Clio - mom of Rhéa

"Rhéa is a very happy baby and loves to eat. Chipea helps us to find that variety of meals that we know are healthy and easy to make. The platform guides us with the introduction of new flavours that she’ll love."

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