Raising Happy, Healthy Eaters

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Raising happy eaters is no picknick.
No worries, try Chipea: the app recommended by nutritionists that will get your little one from first bites to foodie in no time.


Because learning to eat is as important as learning to walk

Did you know the first 1000 days are crucial in a child's development? Learning to eat well is a process, and we're here to guide you through it.

Chipea's approach to baby meets food

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    Making use of the first 1000 days

    Those first bites, tastes and slurps are crucial to starting your baby’s food journey right and laying the foundations for healthy food habits that will last a lifetime. Starting later is always harder than starting soon. Spare yourself the headache and give your baby a headstart.

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    "Bye bye" table-side battles

    The terrible twos, the 'no' phase... whatever you may call it, you probably heard of it. When it comes to food, children go through a ‘disgust phase’, meaning they’re just not that into trying new food anymore. Good news though! Science shows that the more foods babies already know, the easier they go through the disgust phase. You might not even notice it!

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    No cooking twice

    Raising a child is a lot of work, we know. We don’t want you to lose time endlessly searching the web for inspiration and information. That’s why Chipea provides recipes that are quick and easy to make alongside tips and advice specific to your child’s needs. All in one place.

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    Science-backed, reality-proof

    We work with a team of experts on the topic of child nutrition and ensure that everything we share is in line with the guidelines of the European Food Safety Authority. Don't worry, we're parents too, we know perfection doesn't exist so we made sure everything is doable, also for parents short on time - aren't we all?

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Introducing: the Chipea Food Journey app

What you get

Weekly challenges to reach your baby's food milestones

  • Safely introduce new flavours and textures
  • Practice new motor skills
  • Promote food acceptance through play

What you get

Fuss-free meals tailored to your baby's needs

Every week you get new and exciting recipes perfect for your baby's age, capabilities and health.

  • Tailored to your child's age, solid experience, and dietary needs
  • All our recipes are family proof. No cooking twice!

What you get

Expert tips and parenting hacks

Everything we do at Chipea is backed by science. Every week, one of our experts share their tips and advice on how to avoid picky eating and promote broad food acceptance. Or better said - how to raise a happy eater!

Ready to start your baby's food journey?

Our philosophy

The best feeding method is your method!

When researching feeding methods, it's easy to get caught in a web of well-intentioned but very strong opinions on feeding methods and strict rules that can be overwhelming for young parents. (Mom police, anyone?) We offer trustworthy information, inspiration and guidance, rather than a totalitarian follow-or-fail regime. Whether you're leaning more towards baby led weaning or spoon feeding, we provide you with the knowledge necessary to experiment in a safe way and find the approach that's right for your family.

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Meet the experts

The people behind Chipea

Chipea is the product of years of combined experience and knowledge gaining. Chipea is a team of experts on a mission to help families achieve a healthy lifestyle that works for them. Chipea is also a team of very dedicated Tasting Officers who provide us with tough but honest criticism on every meal.

Meet the team
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Words from happy parents

Clio - mom of Rhéa

"Rhéa is a very happy baby and loves to eat. Chipea helps us to find that variety of meals that we know are healthy and easy to make. The platform guides us with the introduction of new flavours that she’ll love."

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