Get in-depth expertise with our feeding guides

Maybe you're just getting started or you have a picky toddler at home. Our expert guides are here to help you if you are looking for answers. They provide background information and day-to-day guidance on some of your child’s most exciting milestones.

How to Raise Your Child Vegetarian

Vegetables for vegetarian cooking

€ 5,99

Reducing the amount of meat (and to a lesser extent also fish) in our diet is not only possible, it's not that hard if you have enough tasty alternatives and knowledge of what to look out for in terms of nutrition. This guide will help you with exactly that!

  • Why cutting back on meat is possible and positive
  • How to fuel your baby's growing body and brain
  • List of super foods

What are the best & worst foods in year one

Baby plate

€ 5,99

Knowing what foods to focus on and which foods to avoid in the first year can really help you gain confidence in feeding your child. the good news is, if you know these few do's and don'ts, there's so much room for experimenting.

  • Learn which foods provide the most nutrients
  • Help you offer more variation
  • Focus on fresh foods from all food groups
  • Avoid no-go foods during the first year

How to safely introducing finger foods

Finger food eating

€ 5,99

At Chipea we recommend introducing finger foods from the age of 6 months. It really is a lot of fun seeing your little one discover food completely on their own. This way you’re not only giving them the opportunity to train their hand-eye coordination, but you also putting them in charge. This will give them more confidence around food.

  • What are finger foods and how to introduce them for the first time
  • How to safely serve finger foods for every age
  • Important do's and don'ts when it comes to finger foods

Chipea Texture Chart

Baby food textures

€ 5,99

Many parents struggle with food texture, especially during the first year. With this easy chart, we help you gain insight into which textures are right for which ages and how to go about introducing new textures.

  • Why the right food texture is extremely important for babies
  • What texture is safe for what age
  • An introduction into finger foods
  • What to avoid in terms of texture