The people behind Chipea

Chipea is the product of years of experience and knowledge gaining. Science-backed but reality proof.

The faces behind Chipea

Our experts

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Janna Schellens


Janna is a mother and founder of Chipea. She is a feeding specialist, with a special interest in flavour learning and food acceptance in babies and young children.

Ine de bruycker

Ine De Bruycker

Preverbal speech therapist & lactation expert

Chewing, swallowing and learning how to eat in general is Ine's field of expertise. She works closely together with experts in other fields to help parents and their children.


Silke Desaever

Certified nutritionist & lactation expert

Silke is a mom on a mission to help families develop a healthy and happy lifestyle. She shares her expert tips and tricks, gained from years of working with families.

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Our Tasting Officers

Non yet certified but very outspoken

We taste test our recipes with the toughest critics out there - you know who they are! We've cleaned food of walls, floors and even dogs, so you don't have to.

A word from the founder

I want you to give you the confidence to find the feeding method that works for you.

As a mother, I feel strongly about the Mom police, giving well-intentioned but very strong opinions on feeding, often with strict rules that can be overwhelming for parents. This is not a totalitarian follow-or-fail regime. Your child is unique, and so are you. I want to inform, inspire and guide you and wish you a wonderful journey!

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The Chipea test kitchen

We clean food of the walls, floor and sometimes even the dog - so you don't have to.

In our Chipea test kitchen, our team of Tasting Officers have the important task of rating our food. Well, it's basically swiping left or right. This doesn't mean we only serve crowd pleasers - flavour learning isn't always fun and games people. But we make sure our foods are safe, tasty and nutritional.

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