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Welcome to Chipea, the foodie platform that helps parents raise happy, healthy eaters. Ready to become part of the community? This is how we get you started in no-time.

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Tell us all about yourselves

To get started, we’ll ask you some questions about your baby’s age, milestones and dietary requirements. You can change or update this information at any time.

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Choose your child's plan

Whether you're still expecting, you have a baby or a picky toddler, we have the right plan for you.

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Discover your dashboard

Log in and manage your baby’s food journey via your personal Chipea dashboard. In this private member zone, you’ll find custom recipes, expert tips tailored to your baby, and much more.

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Get unlimited access to Chipea recipes

Apart from a personal and fully tailored food journey, all Chipea member get unlimited access to our recipe directory with tons of healthy, no-fuss, and fun recipes for the entire family.

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Ready to get started?

Choose a plan that fits your needs.

Baby Journey

Baby pack image
0 - 1 year

€ 59,95

One-time payment

  • First foods introduction
  • Safely introduce finger foods
  • Motor skills training: drinking from an open cup, straw cup, pincer grasp, using a spoon and more
  • Allergen introduction

Toddler Journey

Toddler pack image
1 - 2 years

€ 59,95

One-time payment

  • Flavour & texture exposure
  • Advanced motor skills training: using a fork, using a knife, drinking from a bottle and more
  • Picky eating tips
  • Strategies for more peace at the table

The Little Foodie pack

Full access pack image
0 - 2 years

€ 89,95

One-time payment

+ get access to all our resources forever

+ get our e-book for free

  • Building our way up from pure to big flavours
  • Safely serving finger foods and allergens at all ages
  • Strategies to avoid and remedy picky eating
  • Age appropriate motor skills practice
Free ebook

Any other questions?

Let's see if we can help you out

  • At what age can my baby start the Chipea Journey?

    Whether you're still expecting, you have a baby or a picky toddler, we have the right plan for you. You can get started with the Food Journey at the very beginning or a bit later, and continue all the way up until their second birthday 🥳

  • How is the Chipea Journey personalised?

    All of what you get - our recipes, tips, challenges and articles - are based on your baby's age and their experience with solids. Aside from that, we take allergies into account and provide you with alternatives to make your and your baby's lives much easier!

  • How does the Chipea journey work?

    You can find all information about how to get started and how the Journey works on this page.

  • How many recipes will I get and are they difficult to make?

    You will get 6 new recipes each week - except for the very first weeks, since we don't want to overwhelm our baby's taste buds and digestive systems. The recipes are meant to make your life as a caretaker easier, so we made the majority of them very quick and easy. We also have a convenient section in each recipe telling you how to make the dish suitable for adults as well as babies and toddlers. No cooking twice! On top of the weekly recipes, you get access to our complete recipe library.

  • What weaning method does Chipea follow?

    We are big fans of leaving the parents in charge of choosing a method that works for them and their child! We give options. We serve purees and finger food, we provide you with the knowledge necessary to experiment in a safe way and find the approach that's right for your family. Read more on the Chipea method in our article.

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