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Raising a good eater is no picknick. Forget about table side battles and plates on the floor. Start your personalised food plan now and get your weekly serving of recipes, tips and challenges, tailored to your baby's needs.

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From tiny tasters to confident eaters

Harnessing the power of early nutrition for picky eating prevention and developmental success.

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Taste, Discover, Thrive

We help your child with flavour and texture acceptance and become a full-fledged foodie in no-time.

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Empowering independence

With our expert guidance and innovative approach, we transform the process of learning how to eat into an exciting adventure.

Feeding a child? Then you probably...

Recognise this?

  1. You want to raise a good eater
    that loves food just as much as you do

  2. Your baby is starting solids
    but you're unsure about how to tackle it

  3. You have a picky eater
    and are looking for tips to make your lives easier

  4. Your child has an allergy
    and you're running out of cooking inspiration

Each week you will get...

We've done the research for you

  • 6 new recipes. Nutritious, age-appropriate and yummy!
  • A fun challenge to train flavour and texture exposure or motor skills
  • Easy to apply tips and tricks that will make your life so much easier
  • An expert article to help you understand your baby's body and needs even better
  • Is your baby allergic? Just let us know, we'll make sure all recipes are safe
  • All in your personal dashboard, accessible on any device
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How it works?

Tell us more about your baby and start a food journey that's just right.

Based on your child's needs, you get weekly new recipes, tips and challenges that evolve together with your baby. All in your personal dashboard.

  • Tell us about your baby
  • Choose your plan
  • Get access to your personal dashboard
  • Start the personalised food journey
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Words from happy parents

"The platform guides us with the introduction of new flavours and helps us to find that variety of meals that we know are healthy and easy to make."

Clio - mom of Rhéa

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The faces behind Chipea

Our experts

Hi res profielfoto about us

Janna Schellens


Janna is a mother and founder of Chipea. She is a feeding specialist, with a special interest in flavour learning and food acceptance in babies and young children.

Ine de bruycker

Ine De Bruycker

Preverbal speech therapist & lactation expert

Chewing, swallowing and learning how to eat in general is Ine's field of expertise. She works closely together with experts in other fields to help parents and their children.


Silke Desaever

Certified nutritionist & lactation expert

Silke is a mom on a mission to help families develop a healthy and happy lifestyle. She shares her expert tips and tricks, gained from years of working with families.

Chipea Ophelia 1

Our Tasting Officers

Non yet certified but very outspoken

We taste test our recipes with the toughest critics out there - you know who they are! We've cleaned food of walls, floors and even dogs, so you don't have to.

On our platform you will get your weekly serving of ...

Screen recipes

Age-appropriate recipes

Safe ingredients, textures and cooking methods - every recipe you get will be right for your baby's age and dietary needs

Screen articles

In-depth articles

Looking for some more detailed information. Each week one of our experts weighs in on a topic that's relevant for your baby's developmental stage.

Screen challenges

Developmental challenges

Keep up with those milestones. Every week you get another fun challenge to practice your baby's eating skills.

Screen tips

Hands-on tips

Some of these tips will rock your world and make you question how you ever did without them.

Ready to get started?

Maybe you're just getting started or you have a picky toddler at home. With your personalised plan you will be doing the right thing for your baby at the right time. Step by step, week by week.

Baby Journey

Baby pack image
0 - 1 year

€ 59,95

One-time payment

  • First foods introduction
  • Safely introduce finger foods
  • Motor skills training: drinking from an open cup, straw cup, pincer grasp, using a spoon and more
  • Allergen introduction

Toddler Journey

Toddler pack image
1 - 2 years

€ 59,95

One-time payment

  • Flavour & texture exposure
  • Advanced motor skills training: using a fork, using a knife, drinking from a bottle and more
  • Picky eating tips
  • Strategies for more peace at the table

The Little Foodie pack

Full access pack image
0 - 2 years

€ 89,95

One-time payment

+ get access to all our resources forever

+ get our e-book for free

  • Building our way up from pure to big flavours
  • Safely serving finger foods and allergens at all ages
  • Strategies to avoid and remedy picky eating
  • Age appropriate motor skills practice
Free ebook

Not sure yet? Read our feeding guides.

Our short and snappy hands-on cheat sheets tell you everything you need to know to get started and provide day-to-day guidance on some of your child’s most exciting milestones.

  1. Finger food eating

    Safely serving finger food to babies

    Serving baby finger foods is something that still scares many parents. Since finger foods are such an essential part of the food journey, it's important to know how to introduce them safely. Trust us, a whole world will open up!

  2. Baby plate

    Best & worst foods to serve in year 1

    Knowing what foods to focus on and which foods to avoid in the first year can really help you gain confidence in feeding your child. the good news is, if you know these few do's and don'ts, there's so much room for experimenting.


Still got questions?

  • How is the Food Journey personalised?

    All of what you get - our recipes, tips, challenges and articles - are based on your baby's age and their experience with solids. Aside from that, we take allergies into account and provide you with alternatives to make your and your baby's lives much easier!

  • How does the Chipea journey work?

    You can find all information about how to get started and how the Journey works on this page.

  • How many recipes will I receive and are they difficult to make?

    You will get 6 new recipes each week - except for the very first weeks, since we don't want to overwhelm our baby's taste buds and digestive systems. The recipes are meant to make your life as a caretaker easier, so we made the majority of them very quick and easy. We also have a convenient section in each recipe telling you how to make the dish suitable for adults as well as babies and toddlers. No cooking twice!

  • What weaning method does Chipea follow?

    We are big fans of leaving the parents in charge of choosing a method that works for them and their child! We give options. We serve purees and finger food, we provide you with the knowledge necessary to experiment in a safe way and find the approach that's right for your family. Read more on the Chipea method in our article.

  • For which ages is the Food Journey?

    Whether you're still expecting, you have a baby or a picky toddler, we have the right plan for you. You can get started with the Food Journey at the very beginning or a bit later, and continue all the way up until their second birthday 🥳

Our philosophy

The best feeding method is your method!

When researching feeding methods, it's easy to get caught in a web of well-intentioned but very strong opinions on feeding methods and strict rules that can be overwhelming for young parents. (Mom police, anyone?) What Chipea offers is trustworthy information, inspiration, and guidance, rather than a totalitarian follow-or-fail regime. Whether you're leaning more towards baby led weaning or spoon feeding, we provide you with the knowledge necessary to experiment in a safe way and find the approach that's right for your family.

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