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  1. Selectivity vs picky eating

    10 tips for parents of picky eaters

    Developing food preferences might result in different behaviour for each child. Some children will continue to eat lots of different foods, and other will have more difficulties. This can be a challenging situation and it's important to handle it right. We share 10 things you have to know if your child is a picky eater.

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  2. Shapes sizes

    5 common mistakes that can cause feeding aversion

    There are some things a lot of us do while feeding our children, without knowing they can actually cause a feeding aversion. Good news: once you know, it's really easy to make some adjustments. Print this one out and hang it on your fridge, you'll thank us later!

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  3. Toddler drinking glass of milk

    8 brain boosting foods for babies and children

    The brain grows rapidly during the first few years of life, with the brain tripling in size by age 2. With the brain undergoing such rapid development those first years, it needs a steady supply of nutrients to support this growth. Include these 8 foods in your child's diet for that extra brain boost!

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  4. Strong child calcium

    10 foods to boost your child’s immune system

    People who take care of little children know: they can get sick... A LOT! That's why we want to boost their immune system as much as we can. Food can help us with that. There are several foods that can help boost our little one's immune system by providing essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

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Monthly tip

Divide responsibility

You decide what, when and where your baby eats, your baby decides how much: division of responsibility. This means you shouldn't force your child to finish their portion. Babies regulate their feeling of hunger and satiation very well themselves.

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