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  1. Cover freebie veggie

    How to raise your child vegetarian

    Reducing the amount of meat (and to a lesser extent also fish) in our diet is not only possible, it's not that hard if you have enough tasty alternatives and knowledge of what to look out for in terms of nutrition. This guide will help you with exactly that!

  2. Finger food eating

    Safely serving finger food to babies

    Serving baby finger foods is something that still scares many parents. Since finger foods are such an essential part of the food journey, it's important to know how to introduce them safely. Trust us, a whole world will open up!

  3. Baby plate

    Best & worst foods to serve in year 1

    Knowing what foods to focus on and which foods to avoid in the first year can really help you gain confidence in feeding your child. the good news is, if you know these few do's and don'ts, there's so much room for experimenting.

  4. Baby food textures

    Easy peasy textures chart

    Many parents struggle with food texture, especially during the first year. With this easy chart, we help you gain insight into which textures are right for which ages and how to go about introducing new textures.


Monthly tip

Divide responsibility

You decide what, when and where your baby eats, your baby decides how much: division of responsibility. This means you shouldn't force your child to finish their portion. Babies regulate their feeling of hunger and satiation very well themselves.

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