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10 quick & healthy breakfast recipes for children

These 10 breakfast recipes are easy to make, also ahead of time, and will start your kid's day right!

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When we talk to parents, one of the kids’ meals they struggle with the most is breakfast. It seems the lack of time is making parents fall back on the same thing over and over again. The problem is, kids do get bored of eating the same thing every day - adults too by the way. And they might not be getting the most nutrition out of this important meal as they could.

But mornings are not made for inspired, new, supermom or superdad dishes. Mornings are all about making it to the school gate or daycare in time. We want to help you out with these very easy recipes you can make in no-time, and more importantly, ahead of time.

We’re big fans of cooking more than one portion. It’s a way to save time and cut back on waste. These breakfast dishes - except for the frittata, which makes a good Sunday breakfast - can be stored in airtight containers in the fridge for a few days. Some can even be frozen and defrosted the night before, kept in the fridge and are ready to go in the morning.

Nut paste on bread

Just spreading a thin layer of nut paste on some bread is very nutritious. You can switch it up and use peanut butter, hazelnut paste, almond, cashew, the list goes on.

We hope these recipes make those mornings just a bit more stress free and fun, even if it's just the weekends!

Happy cooking, happy eating!

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