Can my baby eat Sweeteners: agave, stevia, date syrup etc.

From +1 year

Are sweeteners healthy for children?

Before your baby is one year old, you really shouldn't give any added sugar or sweetener. Early sugar and sweetener consumption has been related to dental caries and obesity and it will get your baby accustomed to the sweet taste, which makes it more difficult to introduce flavors that aren't as sweet. After your baby turns 1, you can add some sugar or sweeteners to the diet now and then, for example in baked goods. However, they are not nutritious and don't have the benefits that many other foods do have. You can always use sweet foods to sweeten desserts, such as bananas or sweet potatoes. Some options for sweeteners after the age of 1 are maple syrup, date syrup, agave syrup and honey (never give honey in the first year).

What about stevia

Since the long-term effects of the sugar substitute stevia have not been researched yet, we take the side of caution and advice to wait at least until your baby is 2 years old.

Sweeteners: agave, stevia, date syrup etc. recipe

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