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Feeding a baby on the road

The first time traveling with your baby can bring up some questions concerning food. You don't want to pull your baby out of their regular mealtime routine completely, but you have to adjust to different schedules, ingredients and food cultures. Fortunately, there are a lot of easy solutions you can either buy in the store or make yourself that provide comfort in the midst of change.

Parents with baby traveling

Easy to digest fruit

Adjusting to a different cuisine can cause a bit of an upset stomach from time to time. To soothe your little one's stomach, always include some easy to digest food in the diet. Banana is always a good option, plus it has natural packaging. Papaya is another fruit that helps settle the stomach. It contains digestive enzymes that will helps break down food that might be irritating the digestive system. Very convenient for on the road are orange slices and quartered grapes. They not only provide nutrition and hydration, but also keep your child busy while eating it - double win!



Pouches are another really good option during travel. It's less messy and if your child is used to it, they can eat relatively independently. You can buy pouches in the store or make them yourself. You can buy reusable pouches and make your own puree. Just keep in mind that your homemade food doesn't contain any preservatives and needs to be consumed much faster than the store bought ones. We don't recommend offering pouches very regularly, since the texture of the food inside is very smooth and your baby will outgrow it very rapidly. When traveling however, we can totally make some exceptions. Convenience first!


Instant, no-cook cereal

Another easy option is instant cereal. This means you don't have to cook or ask anyone to heat up milk or water. You can just bring baby's milk or a bottle of water and make the cereal on the spot.

Finger food bento boxes

This is a good one if you're on a flight, especially if it's a long one. Babies usually love to play with food and a bento box offers a lot of different compartments that allow you to pack different kinds of finger food. A bento box is essentially a lunch box with 4 or 5 different compartments inside. Filling it with finger food provides ample play time for your baby.

Baby pastries & sandwiches

This is for the somewhat older babies. It's easy to eat, easy to pack and provides energy for your little one. A simple peanut butter or hummus sandwich will also provide lots of energy and is a very safe option.