Can my baby eat White fish

From +6 months

Common allergen:


Is white fish healthy for children?

White fish such as cod, pollock, halibut and haddock is a good source of protein for your baby from the age of six months. Compared to meat, fish contains a lot less saturated fat. Even if nutritional profiles vary depending on the type of fish, they are usually high in omega-3, B vitamins and vitamin D, as well as many essential minerals. Fish does contain varying amounts of the heavy metal mercury, to which babies are most vulnerable. Low-mercury fish are salmon, tilapia, sardines, ansjovie, pollock or cod. Medium level mercury fish are halibut or skate. They are both safe to include in moderation into your baby's diet. However, it is worth mentioning that replacing animal products for plant based products on occasion is not only good for your baby's health, but also for the environment. High-mercury fish are tuna, swordfish, shark or king mackerel. Avoid these high-mercury fish until your child is two years old.

How to serve white fish

Never serve raw fish before the age of 5 years old. Also refrain from serving cured fish, since that has a very high sodium content. You can serve cooked fish mashed up or blended into a puree. You can also serve it as a finger food, taking into account appropriate finger food sizes for your baby's age.

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