Can my baby eat Spices

From +6 months

Are spices healthy for children?

Using spices is a great way to introduce more flavor into your baby's food. Contrary to what many believe, babies can start eating spicy foods as of 6 months old. However, we do want babies to get to know and appreciate pure vegetable flavors as well, before adding spices. Great flavors to add your baby's diet are cinnamon, nutmeg, cumin, turmeric, saffron, sumac, star anise, cardamom, curry powder... Aside from introducing more flavors, many spices also have antioxidant properties. So no reason to not spice things up! When it comes to curry powder or paste and hot peppers, start with a mild one in small quantities and work your way up.

How to serve spices

Add a pinch of spice to your dishes. Start with small quantities and work your way up. You can use powder or you can toast and crush seeds (like cumin or coriander) yourself. If you use whole cinnamon sticks or star anise, make sure to take them out before serving and after they've released their beautiful flavors.

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