Can my baby eat Seitan

From +6 months

Common allergen:


Is seitan healthy for children?

Seitan, which is made from wheat, is a healthy addition to your baby's diet. Seitan will offer plenty of energy to your growing child because of the carbohydrates it contains. It also contains fiber, which is good for your baby's gut and digestion. If you serve seitan in moderation and combine it with lots of fresh vegetables and sources or protein, it definitely deserves its place in your and your baby's diet. Try to check the label and make sure the salt content doesn't exceed 1,6 grams per 100 grams. Wheat is a common allergen, so if you're not sure if your child isn't allergic to wheat, start with a small portion.

How to serve seitan

Serve seitan as you would serve a protein like chicken. You can serve it as finger food, starting at the age of 6 months with big strips (size of 2 adult fingers). When your baby is 8 to 9 months old you can give smaller strips of shredded seitan. Avoid cutting it into cubes to prevent choking. You can also blend seitan into a puree or use it minced in a sauce (for example a bolognese pasta sauce).

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