Can my baby eat Rhubarb

From +4 months

Is rhubarb healthy for children?

Rhubarb is a great food to introduce more sour flavors to expand your baby's palate. It's a good source of vitamin K1 and fiber but other than that it's not really rich in nutrients and it also has a low calorie content so it will not be a great source of energy for your child.

How to serve rhubarb

Add a bit of water into a saucepan and cook chopped rhubarb until soft. If you add little water, and really let it simmer, it will become a compote. If you just boil the rhubarb is a large pot of water, you will get soft pieces. A compote is easy to use since you can mix it with other foods like apples or yoghurt. Make sure to always cook it until soft. Because it has quite a sour taste, you will want to sweeten it with, for example, apple and maybe some cinnamon.

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