Can my baby eat Nectarine

From +4 months

Are nectarines healthy for children?

Nectarines contain lots of vitamins and minerals and folate. They are also good for hydration, since they consist of about 85% water. The red skin comes from its beta-carotene, which the body can turn into vitamin A, which makes this a great food for your little one. Just make sure to remove the peel the first few months. As of 8 months you can leave the peel on, but finely grated or chopped.

How to serve nectarines

Peel the nectarine and remove the stone. After a few months you can leave the peel on but it's still a bit difficult to chew in the beginning. You can then make a puree or serve it as a finger food, taking into account the appropriate finger food sizes for your baby's age.

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