Can my baby eat Mushrooms

From +4 months

Are mushrooms healthy for children?

Mushrooms come in all different sizes and shapes, and they're not necessarily a go-to when it comes to baby food. However, this fungus is actually a very good option for your baby. It contains B vitamins, vitamin D, selenium and potassium. It also has a meaty texture and quite a neutral taste, which makes it an easily accepted food by babies. So many varieties to try: enoki, shiitake, chanterelles, portobello,... the list goes on.

How to serve mushrooms

Clean the mushrooms with a little brush under running water, don't let them sit in water since they will soak up a lot of the moisture. Sautee them in a pan with some olive oil. You can then serve them as part of a puree or as a finger food. As of one year old you can also serve some slices of raw parisian mushroom in salads or other cold dishes.

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