Can my baby eat Lettuce

From +4 months

Is lettuce healthy for children?

There are many varieties of lettuce, with varying nutritional levels. From iceberg lettuce and rocket, which are not very nutritious, to butter and romaine lettuce, which are more nutritious varieties. Romaine lettuce is high in minerals and vitamins (mainly C, K, folate and beta-carotene). However it is low in fiber and in calories so it will not provide a lot of energy for your baby. This is more an additional food than it is a staple in a baby's diet.

How to serve lettuce

You can serve lettuce as a finger food the first year, giving them bigger pieces to start with, and smaller, shredded pieces as they're about 9 months old. Start introducing salads after the first birthday. The texture might be a challenge but don't worry, they will probably get it after a few tries.

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