Can my baby eat Kale

From +6 months

Is kale healthy for children?

Kale is a highly nutritious food to include in your baby's diet. It contains vitamins A, B6, C, K and fiber. Because of its nutritional value, it's really worth it to get your child to try it several times, since they might not necessarily like it the first time. Most kids need to get used to the taste, but with some patience and the help of our recipes, you'll get there! Also, it really helps to introduce it as early on as possible, to get your baby familiarised with the flavor.

How to serve kale

Wash kale thoroughly as it tends to carry a lot of dirt. Chop up the leaves and cook in a pan with some olive oil on medium heat until soft. You can also choose to boil or steam it instead. You can then serve it as a puree or, for older children, just chop it finely and incorporate it in the rest of your dish. You can also serve it as a finger food, taking into account appropriate finger food sizes for your baby's age.

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