Can my baby eat Herbs

From +4 months

Are herbs healthy for children?

There's nothing that keeps you from introducing soft, fresh herbs to your baby's food from the start of solids. However, we do want babies to get to know and appreciate pure vegetable flavors as well, before adding flavor makers like herbs and spices. But using soft herbs is a great way to introduce some more fragrant flavors into your baby’s palate. On top of that, many herbs are really quite healthy. For example, parsley is very rich in vitamins C and K and in iron.

You want to start with fresh herbs that are not too tough in texture. You could also use harder herbs, like rosemary, while cooking to add some flavor but you will have to remove them before serving.

Here’s a list of soft fresh herbs that are perfect to start with:

- Basil
- Parsley
- Chives
- Coriander or cilantro
- Dill
- Thyme
- Mint
- Fresh oregano
- Sage
- Tarragon

How to serve herbs

Chop herbs very finely and add them to both hot and cold dishes. Use the more woody herbs, like rosemary, to infuse stews and sauces and remove before serving.

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