Can my baby eat Garlic

From +6 months

Is garlic healthy for children?

Garlic is a great flavor maker, plus it's super healthy! So don't hesitate to add a bit of garlic to your baby's food. It's long been used medicinally, for a reason. It contains vitamins (mainly B6, and C), minerals and other nutrients that work anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Even though you don't eat much of it, it really carries a punch nutritionally. However, eating garlic might lead to a bit of discomfort and/or gas for some babies, so start with a small portion and work your way up.

How to serve garlic?

Start with cooked garlic as part of a warm dish. Raw garlic is still too hard to digest for very young babies. When your baby is used to eating garlic, you can introduce raw garlic - in dips for example - in small quantities and work your way up.

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