Can my baby eat Fennel

From +4 months

Is fennel healthy for children?

Fennel is a great vegetable to serve to your baby, not only because of its pronounced taste, also because of its high vitamin C content. On top of that, fennel is also rich in minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium, and in antioxidants that will help protect your baby's growing body. However, don't serve fennel seeds, oil or tea before your child is 4 years old. Fennel tea or seeds contain estragole, which is a genotoxic carcinogenic. The European Medicine Agency advises to wait until your child is 4 years old to serve fennel tea, oil or seeds.

How to serve fennel

Chop off the bottom of the fennel, cut out the core and cook until soft. Serve as a puree or serve as a finger food, taking into account the appropriate finger food sizes. You can also serve fennel raw but we advise to wait until your child is at least 18 months old and has better chewing skills.

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