Can my baby eat Coconut milk

From +4 months

Is coconut milk healthy for children?

Coconut milk is a great ingredient to add to your cooking when your baby is still very young. Coconut milk and cream are made from the white flesh of a coconut and contain healthy fats, which is what your baby's growing body really needs. They are also a good source of vitamins and minerals, such as copper, iron and manganese. Make sure to buy coconut milk without added sugar. Check the labels and buy the one with the least additives. Note: wait with serving coconut water as a drink until your child is 1 year old. We still want milk to be the primary source of hydration, followed by water.

How to serve coconut milk

Don't serve coconut milk as a replacement to breastmilk or formula. It does not contain all the nutrients necessary for your baby's growth. However, its creamy texture and sweet flavor are great to make mild, baby-proof curries, or delicious coconut rice pudding. Just add a splash to your dish or cook your rice in it. You can also use coconut milk to make oat porridge or add it to a smoothie.

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