Can my baby eat Chickpeas

From +6 months

Are chickpeas healthy for children?

Chickpeas are part of the legume family, as are beans,lentils and peas. They're a source of protein, fiber and iron so they are used a lot as meat replacers. They help balance your gut flora and will give your baby a satiated feeling for a while. You can buy the dried or the canned ones, just make sure to rinse the canned chickpeas before eating them in order to wash off most of the sodium.

How to serve chickpeas

Chickpeas are very versatile. You can cook them and blend or mash them into a paste. Add some tahini and lemon and you get a beautiful hummus you can use as a dip or spread on some bread. You can also pan fry some chickpeas, add them to stews or soups or to a salad. Always crush chickpeas lightly with your fork the first year, to prevent choking.

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