Can my baby eat Water

From +4 months

Is water healthy for children?

Water is one of the most important resources our bodies need. We need water to survive.
For babies it's slightly different the first year. They are either breastfed or drink formula, which provides them with enough hydration and all the other good stuff they get from breast milk or formula. This means before the age of 1 year giving water to your baby is theoretically not necessary and you shouldn't give them any water before they are 6 months old, although it's not unsafe to do so either. Having some water in the first year can be good to train drinking from a cup. You can also do that with milk but the consistency is a bit different. Extra water might also be necessary when your baby is having diarrhoea or it is a very hot summer and your baby just needs some extra hydration. So to conclude, no water before six months, any water given after that till the age of 1 year is an extra on top of milk.

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