Can my baby eat Wasabi

From +1 year

Is wasabi healthy for children?

Wasabi is mostly found in paste and is made from the root of Japanese horseradish, which is very spicy in taste. For that reason we recommend you wait at least until the first birthday to serve wasabi to your baby. Even then, start with very small quantities and work your way up slowly. Never give pure wasabi to your baby, we don't want our little one to get scared of food. However, wasabi has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. So if you enjoy eating wasabi, you can definitely incorporate it into your child's diet now and then. Just be smart and kind about it.

How to serve wasabi

You can use wasabi as you would spicy seasoning. You could add a pinch to your warm dishes, serve it with roasted vegetables or meat or use it to spice up a noodle soup just a bit.

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