Can my baby eat Tea

From +6 months

Is tea healthy for children?

You can give certain teas to your baby, just make sure they don't contain caffeine (like black, green or matcha tea do). Fennel tea is also a no-go since it contains estragole, which is a genotoxic carcinogenic. The European Medicine Agency advises to wait until your child is 4 years old to serve fennel tea (or fennel seeds or oil for that matter). You can safely give light herb or fruit infusions, sugar free of course, but our recommendation before one year old will always be milk (breastmilk or formula) or water first. Anything else, like fruit infusions, is extra.

How to serve tea

Infuse lukewarm water with a herb or fruit infusion. This could be mint or rosehip for example. Let it soak for a maximum of a minute and serve. Fresh lemongrass or ginger tea are great options too.

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