Can my baby eat Tahini

From +6 months

Common allergen:


Is tahini healthy for children?

Since tahini is a paste made out of sesame seeds it's actually a healthy, energy rich food to give to your baby. Sesame seeds have several impressive beneficial qualities that make these a very healthy option to add to your baby's diet. They are very rich in essential minerals and vitamins and they contain antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties. However, sesame is a common allergen, so make sure to introduce it soon enough (between 6 and 8 months is ideal) in small quantities to see how your baby reacts to it. To get the most out of it, go for tahini from unhulled seeds, with the husk still on. In this way they contain the most plant protein and fiber.

How to serve tahini

Since tahini is quite thick and sticky, it's best to mix it with some water, milk or lemon juice, depending on what you will be using it for. Spread tahini mixed with a splash of milk on a piece of bread or mix it with some water and lemon juice to make a tahini sauce you can use as a dressing on basically anything.

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