Can my baby eat Rice noodles

From +4 months

Are rice noodles healthy for children?

Rice noodles are made from... you guessed it, rice! Rice is a starchy, high-calorie grain that's a staple in many countries around the world and there exist over 40.000 varieties! Rice noodles are definitely a good option for our little ones as well, because it's such a rich source of carbohydrates, which is just what their little bodies need to stay energized. However, rice contains arsenic, which is a heavy metal you don't want your child to ingest too much of. This means it's best to not serve rice or rice products every day. Before the first year, the preference goes to white rice noodles, since brown rice is harder to digest, although you could start adding small quantities of brown rice noodles as well.

How to serve rice noodles

You can serve rice noodles blended or chopped very finely at the start of solids. Chop less finely as your baby grows older. As soon as your child develops the pincer grasp (meaning they can grab food between their thumb and index finger) you can also serve it as a finger food. You can add the noodles to a soup or serve them with a sauce and protein of your preference.

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