Can my baby eat Ramen noodles

From +4 months

Common allergen:


Are ramen noodles healthy for children?

Ramen noodles are usually made out of wheat flour and water. This makes them vegan friendly. Ramen noodles will offer plenty of energy to your growing child because of the carbohydrates it contains. It also contains fiber, which is good for your baby's gut and digestion. If you serve ramen noodles in moderation and combine it with lots of fresh vegetables and sources or protein, it definitely deserves its place in your and your baby's diet. This goes only for fresh or dried ramen noodles, without added seasoning, because this contains a lot of salt. Note: wheat is a common allergen so make sure to start with small quantities and work your way up.

How to serve ramen noodles

You can serve ramen noodles blended or chopped very finely at the start of solids. Chop less fine as your baby grows older. As soon as your child develops the pincer grasp (meaning they can crab food between their thumb and index finger) you can also serve it as a finger food. You can add the noodles to a soup or serve them with a sauce and protein of your preference.

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