Can my baby eat Oil

From +4 months

Is oil healthy for children?

Using oil is a great way to add fat to your baby's diet. Fat provides energy, which is key during the first year of life. We never grow as fast as in our first year of life. Babies’ bodyweight triples from birth till their first birthday so their bodies need the energy healthy fats provide to fuel that growth. Go for oils such as olive oil and sesame oil for hot preparations and canola or walnut oil for cold preparations. Coconut oil is not the best option because it contains quite a lot of saturated fat, but since it’s heat resistant it’s still a good option for baked goods.

How to serve oil

You can use olive oil or sesame oil for sautéing or wokking vegetables or meat/fish. We also recommend to, when still serving purees, add a bit of oil to the puree once it has cooled down. Then you could go for any healthy oil, not taking into account the heat resistance.

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