Can my baby eat Miso

From +1 year

Common allergen:


Is miso healthy for children?

Miso has some benefits but also one great downside, which is its high sodium content. It does contain a decent amount of vitamin K and manganese. Due to the fermentation it contains probiotics which promote digestion and gut health. If you want to offer miso after the first birthday, always go for the low-sodium kind and even then, only offer it in small quantities, and make sure to not add any other type of salt. Miso is made out of fermented soy beans, which are a common allergen. By the age of 1 you will most likely already know if your child is allergic to soy or not. If there is a soy allergy, don't serve miso.

How to serve miso

You can add miso to pan fried vegetables or tofu. You can also add miso to soup, as you would use a bouillon cube.

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