Can my baby eat Lamb

From +6 months

Is lamb healthy for children?

Lamb, the meat of a young sheep, is a healthy addition to your baby's diet when eaten in moderation. However, it is worth mentioning that replacing meat for plant based products on occasion is not only good for your baby's health, but also for the environment. That being said, lamb definitely provides some of the nutrients your baby's growing body needs, especially protein, iron and vitamin B12. Lamb is also quite a fatty meat, containing both saturated and unsaturated fats. This means it can be part of a healthy diet when served in moderation.

How to serve lamb

You can mix minced lamb into your baby's vegetable puree or make hamburger patties out of it. You can also serve a strip of lamb meat (the size of two adult fingers) for your baby to suck on. When they're about 9 months old you can serve some soft shredded lamb as well.

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