Can my baby eat Chocolate

From +2 years

Is chocolate healthy for children?

Chocolate is not really a healthy food for your baby but it's also not unsafe. There are a few reasons why we advise to serve chocolate only in moderation. Sugar usually contains a lot of sugar and saturated fat, which are not the things you want in excess in your child's food, or yours for that matter. Cocoa also contains caffeine, which makes it unsuitable for very young children.

The sweet taste of milk and white chocolate will also make your baby crave sugary, sweet flavours and as a result be more resistant to bitter flavours. This is why the advice is to wait until two years old to serve chocolate, in all its forms. For dental health reasons, we also want to make sure we don't serve too much sugar to kids of any age. It's also important to note that certain chocolate, like milk chocolate, is not safe for children with a cow's milk allergy. Some chocolate also contains soy, which is not safe for children with a soy allergy. So make sure to read the labels well if your child has an allergy.

Another thing to watch out for is choking hazards. Avoid circular chocolates such as m&m's. Go for chocolate preparations or very soft chocolates that will melt in the mouth.

How to serve chocolate

You can start by serving baked goods containing pure cocoa powder or making chocolate milk. You could also melt some chocolate and add a splash of milk or cream to make a chocolate sauce or pudding.

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