Can my baby eat Asparagus

From +6 months

Are asparagus healthy for children?

Asparagus are a healthy food to give to your baby. Because of their chewy and fibrous texture, they are often introduced a bit later than other vegetables. They may also cause some gas or discomfort so the takeaway here is to start slow. Don't give too much at once, see how your baby reacts and then slowly increase portion size. Other than that, asparagus are most definitely a healthy vegetable. They're a great source of vitamin K and also contain vitamins A and C.

How to serve asparagus

Both white and green asparagus can be served as a puree or finger food, taking into account the finger food guidelines. Chop off the bottom and peel if you use white asparagus, the green ones don't need to be peeled. The easiest way is steaming or boiling them but you can also grill asparagus.

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