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Based on your baby's needs, we give you weekly recipes, flavour and texture introductions and practice motor skills. Step by step, raising a happy, healthy eater.

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Each week you will get:

  • 6 new recipes. Nutritious, age-appropriate and yummy!
  • A fun challenge to train flavour and texture exposure or motor skills
  • Easy to apply tips and tricks that will make your life so much easier
  • An expert article to help you understand your baby's body and needs even better
  • Is your baby allergic? Just let us know, we'll make sure all recipes are safe
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Screen recipes

Age-appropriate recipes

Safe ingredients, textures and cooking methods - every recipe you get will be right for your baby's age and dietary needs

Screen challenges

Developmental challenges

Keep up with those milestones. Every week you get another fun challenge to practice your baby's eating skills.

Screen tips

Hands-on tips

Some of these tips will rock your world and make you question how you ever did without them.

Screen articles

In-depth articles

Looking for some more detailed information. Each week one of our experts weighs in on a topic that's relevant for your baby's developmental stage.

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  • Building our way up from pure to big flavours
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  • Strategies to avoid and remedy picky eating
  • Age appropriate motor skills practice
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A word from the founder

I want to give you the confidence to find the feeding method that works for you.

As a mother, I feel strongly about the Mom police, giving well-intentioned but very strong opinions on feeding, often with strict rules that can be overwhelming for parents. This is not a totalitarian follow-or-fail regime. Your child is unique, and so are you. I want to inform, inspire and guide you and wish you a wonderful journey!

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How it works?

Tell us more about your baby and start a food journey that's just right for them.

Based on your child's needs, you get weekly new recipes, tips and challenges that evolve together with your baby. All in your personal dashboard.

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