Less meat, more plants? Totally possible! Also for kids.

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Chipe food journey

Looking for inspiration & guidance for plant forward diets?

With a Chipea subscription, we guide you on a custom food journey adjusted to your baby's age, solid experience and dietary needs.

  • Weekly inspirational recipes with the right nutrients to fuel your baby's growing body
  • Fun food challenges to grow your baby's taste palate
  • Expert advice that evolves and grows together with your child
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What will I get exactly?

Weekly challenges

Fun and educational: celebrate your baby’s milestones with small and easy-to-incorporate weekly food challenges to help them try new textures and flavours, and practice new skills. Our fun and refreshing challenges are guaranteed to bring more smiles to the table.

Personalised recipes

Every week, expect a range of new and unexpected recipes that are quick and easy. All recipes are tailored to your child’s age, preferences, and dietary requirements. Plus, as a Chipea subscriber, you get exclusive and unlimited access to every single recipe in our book!

Tips and advice from experts

Everything we do at Chipea is backed by science. To keep you in the loop, every week one of our experts weighs in to tell you more about your baby’s milestones and experiences, including short and snappy hands-on tips and tricks you can easily incorporate in your daily routine.

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For who

This is for you if

  1. You want to raise a healthy child on a healthy planet

  2. You want to do this in an informed and responsible way

  3. You are looking to get inspiring, age appropriate recipes

  4. You want to feel relaxed and enjoy this wonderful journey with your baby

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The Chipea platform

Get access to your personal Chipea area with all your personalised recipes and articles. Get unlimited access to the ingredient search and all recipes.

  • All your recipes, tips and challenges in one personal space
  • Unlimited access to all recipes
  • Unlimited use of our ingredient search
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Are you ready to get started?

You want to give this a try or you're in it for the long haul? Select the plan that suits you best.

Baby traject

Baby pack image
0 - 1 jaar

€ 59,95

Eénmalige betaling

  • Introductie van de eerste voeding
  • Veilig stukjes introduceren
  • Oefenen van motorische vaardigheden: drinken van een beker, met ene rietje, de pincet greep, een lepe gebruiken en nog veel meer
  • Allergenen introductie

Peuter traject

Toddler pack image
1 - 2 jaar

€ 59,95

Eénmalige betaling

  • Blootstelling aan smaken en texturen
  • Gevorderde motorische vaardigheden oefenen: een vork en mes gebruiken, drinken van een plastic flesje, en nog veel meer
  • Tips om met moeilijke eters om te gaan
  • Strategieën voor meer rust aan tafel

Het Little Foodie pakket

Full access pack image
0 - 2 jaar

€ 89,95

Eénmalige betaling

+ Toegang tot alle Chipea recepten, artikels,... voor altijd

+ het Little Foodies e-book, gratis

  • We werken ons van pure smaken op tot grote, uitdagende smaken
  • Introduceer veilig alle soorten voeding voor elke leeftijd
  • Strategieën om moeilijk eten te voorkomen en verhelpen
  • Oefeningen om motorische vaardigheden voor elke leeftijd te oefenen
  • De makkelijkste manier om zonder veel moeite een goede eter op te voeden
Free ebook

You can cancel your subscription at any time. We want you to stay with us because you love Chipea, not because you can't find the cancel button.

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  1. Dekking freebie veggie


    Reducing the amount of meat (and to a lesser extent also fish) in our diet is not only possible, it's not that hard if you have enough tasty alternatives and knowledge of what to look out for in terms of nutrition. This guide will help you with exactly that!



What weaning method does Chipea follow?

  • For which ages is the Food Journey?

    The Food Journey is for the little eaters at the beginning of their well... food journey! If your baby is under 10 months, you can get started with the Food Journey and continue all the way up until their 4th birthday 🥳

  • How is the Food Journey personalised?

    All of what you get - our recipes, tips, challenges and articles - are based on your baby's age and their experience with solids. Aside from that, we take allergies into account and provide you with alternatives to make your and your baby's lives much easier!

  • How many recipes will I receive and are they difficult to make?

    You will get 6 new recipes each week - except for the very first weeks, since we don't want to overwhelm our baby's taste buds and digestive systems. The recipes are meant to make your life as a caretaker easier, so we made the majority of them very quick and easy. We also have a convenient section in each recipe telling you how to make the dish suitable for adults as well as babies and toddlers. No cooking twice!

  • What weaning method does Chipea follow?

    We are big fans of leaving the parents in charge of choosing a method that works for them and their child! We give options. We serve purees and finger food, we provide you with the knowledge necessary to experiment in a safe way and find the approach that's right for your family. Read more on the Chipea method in our article.

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