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Finger Food Guide

What you get

  • Quick introduction into feeding methods
  • Checklist to determine if your baby is ready for finger foods
  • Overview of the best finger foods
  • Size guide for babies and toddlers of different ages and developmental levels
  • Convenient checklist of finger food do's & don'ts
Finger food eating


Still got questions?

  • For which ages is the Food Journey?

    The Food Journey is for the little eaters at the beginning of their well... food journey! If your baby is under 12 months, you can get started with the Food Journey and continue all the way up until their second birthday 🥳

  • How is the Food Journey personalised?

    All of what you get - our recipes, tips, challenges and articles - are based on your baby's age and their experience with solids. Aside from that, we take allergies into account and provide you with alternatives to make your and your baby's lives much easier!

  • How does the Chipea journey work?

    You can find all information about how to subscribe and how the Journey works on this page.

  • How many recipes will I receive and are they difficult to make?

    You will get 6 new recipes each week - except for the very first weeks, since we don't want to overwhelm our baby's taste buds and digestive systems. The recipes are meant to make your life as a caretaker easier, so we made the majority of them very quick and easy. We also have a convenient section in each recipe telling you how to make the dish suitable for adults as well as babies and toddlers. No cooking twice!

  • What weaning method does Chipea follow?

    We are big fans of leaving the parents in charge of choosing a method that works for them and their child! We give options. We serve purees and finger food, we provide you with the knowledge necessary to experiment in a safe way and find the approach that's right for your family. Read more on the Chipea method in our article.